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Grace Fryer Scholarship Endowment

Starting in 2024, Yana of metrestandard is proud to fully support the Grace Fryer Scholarship for female watchmaking students. This financial aid program from the Horological Society of New York amplifies and strengthens women's involvement in watchmaking by providing funds to female watchmaking students as they embark on their horological education journey.

Please contact Yana below on how to contribute to the fund to ensure this effort continues for many years to come. Yana is committed to this scholarship endowment for many years, and she hopes that you will join her in pledging your support by setting up a one-time match or recurring donation. The HSNY is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and you can read more about the scholarship below.

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Image by Matteo Vella

HSNY and the 'Radium Girls'

Grace Fryer_courtesy CHR, National Archives, Chicago.jpeg

Founded in 1866, the Horological Society of New York (HSNY) is one of the oldest continuously operating horological associations in the world. Today, HSNY is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the art and science of horology through education. Members are a diverse mix of watchmakers, clockmakers, executives, journalists, auctioneers, historians, salespeople and collectors, reflecting the rich nature of horology in New York City and around the world.

The Grace Fryer Scholarship is dedicated to the Radium Girls — the women of the 1920s who worked as dial painters in Illinois and New Jersey and succumbed to the often deadly side effects of working with radium, a material that was then instrumental in making watch faces glow. To encourage precision, these women were instructed to point the radium-lined brushes using their lips. The Radium Girls suffered horrific side effects from radium poisoning and many lost their lives.

Fryer (1899 - 1933) spearheaded a long, arduous fight against their employer to acknowledge the deadly repercussions of using radium and demanded compensation for the women who often unknowingly fell prey. Fryer spent years fighting for the Radium Girls and their case would go on to gain national media attention and establish legal precedents, having tremendous labor rights impacts and ushering scientific advances.

“I believe Aunt Grace would view this scholarship, which the Horological Society of New York has graciously named after her, as a symbol of progress for women,” adds Art Fryer, Grace Fryer’s nephew. “I feel Grace would be honored to be associated with HSNY in helping to welcome women into the horological craft.”

You can read more about the scholarship at

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